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Attorney Ezz is a skilled Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, intellectual property lawyer who has permission to practice all I.P. from Egypt's Government for all Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, and trade secrets.

Our skilled attorneys help businesses and individuals protect their intellectual property assets.

On the other hand, we defend clients in lousy faith accusations regarding infringement of Intellectual Property law.

Attorney Ahmed AL_SAAEDI is a skilled Abu Dhabi intellectual property lawyer who can practice law before the UAE  Patent and Trademark, intellectual property federal and local courts of UAE.

Our Intellectual Property law offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai could achieve the best results in all matters on I.P law; like as

Copyright disputes

Copyright registration

Trademark registration

Trademark disputes/infringement

Patent disputes

what makes us most proud is our record of exceeding our clients' expectations in the I.P area of practice.

What we advise clients – our tips;

It's wise to have an experienced attorney guide you through trademark registration, maintenance, and licensing to protect your rights entirely.

For that purpose; We strive to help businesses and entrepreneurs early in the process to avoid any problems with their intellectual property.

We are helpful. If another business uses your company's unique name, slogan, or logo, you may need to file an intellectual property lawsuit.  

Our Intellectual property lawyers carefully handle claims involving copyright disputes, patent disputes, and other issues, whatever it's complicated.  

We advise clients that it's difficult to prove and expensive to pursue if they do it alone.

With the help of an experienced Intellectual property – I.P.- an attorney in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, most businesses, entrepreneurs, or inventors would not know where to begin to get justice.  

Moreover, our UAE attorney has the knowledge and background you need for all types of complex cases.  


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