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Abu Dhabi Arbitration Lawyers| resolve arbitration disputes quickly, effectiv

Our Abu Dhabi Arbitration Lawyers & attorneys help clients navigate and resolve litigation and arbitration disputes quickly and effectively.

Our team of arbitration lawyers acts across a range of sectors including banking and financial services, energy; construction, maritime;

Moreover, commodities, shipping, aviation, real estate, media, and professional services.

Abu Dhabi Arbitration Lawyers and experience

We own extensive experience in arbitration same as litigation and legal consultancy.

To illustrate, we started arbitration practice in 1992, by an advocate, arbitrator Ezzeldin Othman who Practiced as a lawyer and arbitrator.

Abu Dhabi Arbitration Lawyers: Arbitration practice in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Not only- in Cairo Egypt in 1982 but also, we are in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

advocate. arbitrator Ezz has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the whole legal sector.

Besides, all our team is committing to delivering the best possible legal solutions through their varied expertise.

For example, That expertise  includes, amongst other things;

banking, insurance, construction, and contracts law, commercial arbitration

We practice Arbitration in banking, insurance, construction and contracts law, commercial, company, law, maritime law, franchise, and trademark law.

Abu Dhabi Arbitration Lawyers ; Ezz

Arbitrator Ezz is registered as an arbitrator in Abu Dhabi in the Abu Dhabi chamber of commerce, and in the ministry of justice in Egypt.

Also, Al- Saaedi office handled several Arbitration in Cairo, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Our dedicated international litigation and arbitration team is in Abu Dhabi which remains the world’s foremost dispute resolution center.

We specialize in resolving disputes for international and UAE, Cairo-based clients via the UAE court system

and in multiple jurisdictions overseas;

Throughout all the globes.

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