We are Menhali & Saaedi Law, the UAE’s leading drink-driving lawyers & motoring defense firm, Which built our reputation on our results.

Caught speeding and worried about losing your license? You may have a defense without knowing. Our Law firm has years of experience in defending drunk driving & related matters.

Our team challenged thousands of driving cases. Please take a minute to meet the team.

Our drink-driving Attorneys in Abu Dhabi are qualified lawyers who can adequately defend persons accused of drunk driving or other serious offenses.

The penalty for drink-driving and driving under the influence includes imprisonment and a possible fine of at least Dh20,000.

With us you are with professionals

However, apart from this, while passing judgment, the Court can also impose certain penalties based on the impact of the drunk driving act of the driver. This list of punishments could include the following:

  • The driver’s driving license can be suspended for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum period of 2 years.
  • If the driver hasn’t applied for a new license after his suspended license has expired a long time back, his application for a new license in the future can be restrained.


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