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Abu Dhabi Dubai Labor Lawyer| Arbitrary dismissal| severance pay| termin

Our Abu Dhabi labor lawyers at our labor law firm are one of the most reputable employment law firms in the U.A.E, in cases of wrong termination, compensation claims.

Trustworthy Abu Dhabi Dubai Labor Lawyer at Al-Saaedi law firm

We have a strong presence in Abu Dhabi and throughout UAE in labor and employment disputes.

Trustworthy the Dubai Abu Dhabi Dubai Labor Lawyer at Al-Saaedi law firm

Since, Labour law conciliates the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions, and government.

Law is based on legislation, administrative rules, federal and state constitutions, and court opinions.  

However, a relationship between employee and employer is also governed by the contract they have entered.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi Dubai Labor Lawyer is a fair bridge:

Therefore, Our legal consultant acts as a bridge between both parties and enables them to enforce their claims such as:

Arbitrary dismissal

Right of serving a notice before termination

How to calculate wages

End of service gratuity - severance pay.

Working hours

All types of Leaves

Calculate Employment benefits such as a pension, gratuity, etc.

Early termination of the contract by employee or employer

Labor disputes

Our labor and employment lawyers at Al-Saaedi Advocates in Abu Dhabi provide professional legal counsel;

Furthermore, and extensive experience in many aspects of labor and employment law.

Due to this, A highly brilliant UAE labor and employment lawyer will provide more than just legal advice.

Moreover, Our labor lawyers and Abu Dhabi Dubai employment lawyers fully embrace each case and committing;

We are committing To representing our clients’ best interests.

The firm’s Al Saaedi labor and employment attorney are professionals and can determine the most effective course of action to handle each case.

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Abu Dhabi labor lawyers at our labor law firm