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Al-Saaedi law firm consists of the best of Dubai & Abu Dhabi lawyers, legal consultants, and attorneys.

Above all, Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi have the same shared values as our Dubai lawyers: trust and very long-term expertise.

More over, Al-Saaedi law firm in Abu Dhabi is a name for the best Super credible legal consultants, Lawyers in Abu Dhabi and professional Attorneys IN UAE.

More over, Our legal consultants, lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai help prevent and solve legal issues in the roles of counselors, negotiators, litigators and strategic advisors.

Therefore, Al Saaedi law firm in Abu Dhabi Dubai has an incredible success rate in achieving the best results in civil and criminal law and is one of the best, and top law firms in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Due to, his professional, and intelligent legal team now Al Saaedi law firm in Abu Dhabi Dubai ;

Is among the best family, criminal, labor, corporate, banking, construction lawyers.

Moreover, the top ten accidents, insurance, maritime, real estate, recovery of funds attorneys in Abu Dhabi & Dubai in the UAE,

Al-Saaedi law firm in Abu Dhabil a top legal firm and has best lawyers in UAE

So that, now Abu Dhabi law firm of Al Saaedi is among top legal firms in the fields of accidents law, criminal law, family law, divorce, child care law, construction law, insurance law, maritime law, banking law, labor and employment law, tax - vat law, franchise, and hotels, real estate law, property, rent law.

Accordingly, we take legal matters in the most complex and challenging situations, because of our probity and capability,

If you are facing a legal complex issues or crisis in civil or criminal law in Abu Dhabi UAE, Call us.

because we can deal with, to minimize losses or find a way out for you.

For instance, if you are facing criminal charges like fraud or corruption, money laundering or tax, custom’s evasion, weapons.

equally important, where the implications can be devastating.

What Our Law Firm in Abu Dhabi , the best family, criminal, bank, labor Lawyers, and attorneys can do for you:

Our professional legal experts can work it out, whereas we could save hundreds of businessmen met such situations.

in fact, our motto to put clients at the top of all we do.

So that, we recruit and develop exceptional people empowering them to do and think differently.

besides, we serve our clients as a team, with a common focus on innovation, efficiency, professionalism, caring, and agility.

Our choice:  is to Develop a habit for uplifting and helping others, whether it is in our personal life or through our performance in the law field.

To illustrate;  more about:-   Al-Saaedi law firm in Abu Dhabil a top legal firm and best lawyers


Abud Dhabi:- Mina Street, silver wave tower building, beside Al Madinah super Market.

City          Abu Dhabi      

United Arab Emirates


Al Saaedi Law firm

We retain best Abu Dhabi & Dubai family, criminal, civil, corporate, construction lawyers, and banking, insurance, maritime attorneys and advocates

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