Abu Dhabi bankruptcy law

Your Trusted Partner in Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Abu Dhabi bankruptcy lawyers
Abu Dhabi bankruptcy lawyers


Our Abu Dhabi bankruptcy law firm has a team of the best professional Insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi who can merge their legal power with financial and accounting specialities to evaluate your actual legal and economic situation and give you a valuable opinion regarding restructuring or declaring your bankruptcy.

Any bankruptcy lawyer on the Abu Dhabi team has a law degree and other degrees in commerce and business administration from the faculty of commerce. He has extensive experience in Egypt, UAE, and international Insolvency and can wisely analyze your legal situation and financial crisis simultaneously.

Our range of sector specializations wisely handles your insolvency and restructuring matters in the banking, insurance, financial services, retail, leasing, property, transport, infrastructure, technology, media, telecoms, e-commerce, and manufacturing industries in many other areas of specialities.

Why select our professional Insolvency & bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi?

Our astute bankruptcy lawyers can communicate a plan we call the “road” map” on “ow to proceed. We shall go through the legal process, key considerations, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

We ask clients only to lay out the facts of their situation to our bankruptcy lawyer,

Then, we can frame expectations and likely scenarios to help you understand your legal issue.

 Our attorneys have over 40 years of experience working with clients facing financial difficulties, whether their money and assets are in UAE, Egypt, or other jurisdictions.

 The team includes experienced litigators Fawzy, Aza, and Ezz, who worked inside big banks to help the bank’bank’snts. He was able to help the customers facing the threat of bankruptcy overcome the difficulties, float them, and return them to the wheel of economic life.

Our professional Insolvency & bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi will sit to solve;

Therefore, if you face financial disability, come and sit with our experts to apply experience and common sense promptly to pursue the interests of your situation.

We have a high-rate reputation as the best bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi and the whole of UAE, which can be incredibly creative, proactive, and assertive when the circumstances require them. We also have a long track record of facilitating significant consensual deals.

Our practice is wholly integrated, incorporating all of the firm’s securities and pre-eminent litigation, securities law, corporate, tax, commercial law, and mergers and acquisitions practices.

Above all, We were House bankruptcy lawyers inside significant banks;

Our lawyers have worked in-house at Gulf Bank and could help people like you

Therefore, we can help your business gain the understanding and insight they need to maintain and improve their financial position

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Why US

the expertise of Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm, a trusted name in Abu Dhabi’s legal landscape. With a legacy dating back to 1981, our firm has consistently delivered excellence in bankruptcy law and insolvency matters.

Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm: Your Trusted Partner in Bankruptcy and Insolvency

1. Our Legacy of Excellence

    • Since our inception in 1981, we have been at the forefront of legal services, providing tailored solutions to clients facing financial challenges.

    • Our seasoned bankruptcy lawyers combine experience with a deep understanding of local and international laws.

2. Expertise in Bankruptcy Law

    • Bankruptcy Consultation: Our team assists individuals, businesses, and creditors navigate bankruptcy proceedings. We analyze financial situations, explore alternatives, and guide clients toward the best course of action.

    • Chapter 11 and Chapter 7: Whether it’s reorganization under Chapter 11 or liquidation under Chapter 7, we provide strategic advice and representation.

    • Debt Restructuring: We negotiate with creditors, design repayment plans, and help clients regain financial stability.

3. Insolvency Matters

    • Corporate Insolvency: Our firm advises corporations facing financial distress. We explore options such as voluntary arrangements, receivership, and administration.

    • Individual Insolvency: For individuals burdened by debt, we offer compassionate guidance. Our lawyers handle personal insolvency cases efficiently.

    • Cross-Border Insolvency: With a global perspective, we address complex cross-border insolvency issues.

4. Why Choose Ezz and Al Menhali?

    • Depth of Experience: Our lawyers have witnessed the evolution of bankruptcy and insolvency laws over decades.

    • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize our clients’ interests, aiming for swift resolutions and minimizing financial impact.

    • Confidentiality and Integrity: Trust is paramount. Our firm maintains strict confidentiality and upholds ethical standards.

5. Contact Us

For personalized legal assistance in bankruptcy, insolvency, and related matters, contact Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm. Let our legacy of excellence guide you toward financial stability.


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