Abu Dhabi Debt collection

Debt collection and recovery of funds

Abu Dhabi Debt collection and recovery of funds
Abu Dhabi Debt collection and recovery of funds


Abu Dhabi Debt collection and recovery of funds within the context of Ezz Law Firm, where Ezz Eldin gained valuable insights during his banking career.


Abu Dhabi Debt collection and recovery of funds: Navigating Legal Challenges

    1. 1. Debt Collection Strategies

At Ezz Law Firm, debt collection is approached with precision and professionalism. Here are some fundamental principles:


Compliance with Regulations: Ezz Eldin’s background as a banker ensures that the firm adheres to legal and ethical guidelines during debt collection. Understanding the intricacies of financial regulations allows for effective debt recovery while safeguarding clients’ interests.

Customized Approaches: Each debt case is unique. Ezz Law Firm tailors its strategies based on factors such as the type of debt, the debtor’s profile, and the legal framework. Whether it’s consumer debt, commercial debt, or overdue payments, the firm employs personalized approaches.

Negotiation and Mediation: Ezz Eldin’s experience in banking taught him the art of negotiation. The firm aims to resolve debts amicably through negotiation, mediation, or settlement discussions. This approach often leads to faster recovery without resorting to litigation.

    1. 2. Legal Framework and Debt Recovery

Legal Notices and Demand Letters: Ezz Law Firm initiates the debt recovery process by sending formal demand letters to debtors. These letters outline the outstanding amount, payment terms, and consequences of non-compliance. Clear communication sets the tone for further action.

Litigation as a Last Resort: The firm escalates to legal proceedings when negotiations fail. Ezz Eldin’s understanding of banking transactions informs the litigation process. The firm files lawsuits, obtains judgments, and enforces court orders to recover funds.

Asset Tracing and Seizure: Ezz Law Firm utilizes its network and expertise to trace debtors’ assets. The firm strategically seizes assets to satisfy outstanding debts, whether real estate, bank accounts, or other valuable holdings.

Abu Dhabi Debt collection and recovery of funds strategies;

    1. 3. Recovery of Funds

Enforcement of Judgments: Ezz Eldin’s dual qualifications in law and commerce enable him to navigate the complexities of enforcing court judgments. The firm ensures that debtors comply with court orders promptly.

Collaboration with Financial Institutions: Ezz Law Firm collaborates with banks and financial institutions to freeze accounts or recover funds directly. Ezz’s prior experience as a banker enhances this collaboration.

Persistent Follow-Up: Recovery doesn’t end with a court order. The firm diligently follows up to ensure that funds are transferred to clients. Ezz Eldin’s commitment to excellence drives this persistence.


Ezz Eldin Othman’s fusion of legal knowledge and banking insights empowers Ezz Law Firm in Abu Dhabi’s Debt collection and recovery of funds. Clients benefit from a comprehensive approach that combines legal acumen, negotiation skills, and unwavering dedication to their financial well-being.

In cases where an amicable outcome is not reached, legal proceedings have to be initiated.

Head of Debt Collection & Enforcement, and Partners

In most cases, initially, a payment notice is sent to the debtors. If the debt remains unsettled, the debt collection lawyers will contact the debtor and convey the terms of the recovery following appropriate discussions with the creditor. This follows the correct legal framework to accelerate the recovery of the debt. The measures are taken to ensure that the recovery process does not lead to any lawsuits and that debt is recovered as soon as possible.


What if the debtor fails to clear the debt?

In cases where an amicable outcome is not reached, legal proceedings have to be initiated. Usually, a legal petition is filed in the UAE Courts to recover the outstanding debt. Once the petition is filed, the court will send a demand letter to the debtor to clear the outstanding debt and the late payment fees within 15 days.


If the debtor cannot repay the debt within 15 days of receiving the demand letter from the court, a trial is initiated against the debtor. The court will then help the creditor with the debt recovery. Trials regarding debt recovery also allow the creditor to claim additional compensation.



It is important that the attorneys involved in the process engage with their clients at every step to ensure they can recover the debt hassle-free and time-efficiently.


What are debt buyers in the UAE?

Debt-buying agencies buy outstanding debt from UAE creditors. Creditors can sell debts that are yet to be recovered fully to such agencies for a certain percentage of the total outstanding balance. The debt-buying agency then has the responsibility to recover the debt from the debtor.


We can help credit providers decide whether or not selling debt is the right choice for them. Our vast experience in the industry has made us well aware of the entire debt collection procedure in the UAE. Our expertise can help creditors make decisions that ensure cost efficiency and legal compliance.


Ezz has been in the UAE debt recovery business for three decades. Whether you need help fast-tracking debt recovery, filing a lawsuit, or verifying ongoing payments, our legal experts can provide it.


We’d like to hear from you if you are looking for debt collection services in the UAE. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help.


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