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Our Abu Dhabi banking lawyers have an excellent reputation in retail banking regulation, general investments, compliance;

in addition to consumer credit issues, letters of guarantee, letters of credit, money transfers, and collection.

Advocate Ezz is originally a banker; we mean he worked inside significant banks.

Attorney Ezz started his career with a significant Gulf bank when he opened his doors in 1982,

Abu Dhabi banking lawyers; Ezz, the banker.

Attorney Ezz started his career with a big bank; since he opened his doors in 1982, banking and financial transactions have represented our largest practice area.

Abu Dhabi banking lawyers: The team

Our team of banking lawyers has the strength and depth to provide quality service to meet the needs of funders, lenders, and borrowers in all types of financing transactions.

We offer fast expert advice on lending, security, product development, and financial regulation.

Abu Dhabi banking lawyers are in-house banking lawyers.

We have an in-depth knowledge of banking and financial services law and practice enhanced by years of experience,

Moreover, our practical practice inside banks gives us more power to understand banking transactions deeply.

Furthermore, We provide clients additional support in regular seminars, briefings, and in-house training.


Abu Dhabi banking lawyers deal with All banking transactions. Banking Experience

Our experienced Abu Dhabi banking lawyers provide a prompt, proactive, and tactical service because we understand the importance of achieving the best outcome for your unique situation.


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Our Abu Dhabi banking lawyers, with whom


Our banking and finance advocates work with borrowers, lenders, and funders in all shapes and sizes, from traditional to challenger banks. We help you negotiate terms from a strong bargaining position, develop reasonable assurances, and ensure the securities involved suit your purposes.


Above all, We were bankers.

Our lawyers have worked in-house at various Gulf banks and lenders,

Therefore, we can help your business gain the understanding and insight it needs to maintain and improve its market position.


 Attorney Ezz, with a team of talented professional Abu Dhabi banking lawyers, provides legal banking advice on a broad range of banking transactions, including credit cards, fraud, remittances, overestimation of interests and banking charges, Letters of Credit (LC) and Letters of guarantees (LG-.loans), and facilities disputes.

Additionally, Our Abu Dhabi banking lawyers advise the financial sector to ensure their compliance and information on current banking laws and regulations, especially those set by central banks.


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Why Ezz

Ezz Eldin Othman, a distinguished banking lawyer, possesses a wealth of practical experience within major financial institutions. As a former Manager of the Legal Department in prominent banks, he has navigated complex legal landscapes, ensuring compliance and safeguarding the institution’s interests.


His qualifications further enhance his expertise. Ezz holds a law license, granting him a deep understanding of legal principles. His Bachelor of Commerce degree also uniquely equips him to bridge the gap between law and banking transactions. This fusion of legal knowledge and financial insight allows him to provide comprehensive solutions to clients.


Ezz’s commitment to professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality makes him a trusted advisor in the legal arena. Whether handling intricate banking matters, corporate transactions, or other legal challenges, Ezz Eldin Othman consistently delivers excellence.


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Ezz shared at Ain Shams University a book about the letter of credits that explains the following:-

Letter of Credit (LC): A Crucial Tool in International Trade

A letter of credit, also known as a credit letter, is a document issued by a bank or financial institution. Its primary purpose is to guarantee that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. Here’s how it works:


Buyer-Seller Assurance:

When buyers engage in significant purchases (especially in international trade), they may need a letter of credit to assure the seller that payment will be made.

The issuing bank steps in, essentially assuming responsibility for ensuring the seller gets paid.

Bank’s Role:

The buyer must prove to the bank that they have sufficient assets or a credit line to cover the payment.

Banks often require collateral (such as securities or cash) before issuing a letter of credit.

Negotiable Instrument:

A letter of credit is typically a negotiable instrument.

The issuing bank pays the beneficiary (seller) or any bank nominated by the beneficiary.

Types of Letters of Credit:

Commercial Letter of Credit: Used for regular trade transactions.

Revolving Letter of Credit: Revolves periodically, allowing multiple shipmentsTraveller’s Letter of Credit: Facilitates travel-related payments.

Confirmed Letter of Credit: Involves a second bank guaranteeing payment if the first bank fails.

Standby Letter of Credit: Acts as a backup in case of default.

Costs and Fees:

Banks charge a fee for issuing a letter of credit, usually a percentage of the total credit amount.

Fees vary based on the type of letter and the issuing bank’s credit strength.

Uniform Customs and Practice:

The International Chamber of Commerce’s Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits oversees letters of credit in international transactions.

In summary, letters of credit play a pivotal role in facilitating global trade and protecting buyers and sellers. Their use ensures smoother transactions despite geographical distances and varying legal systems.


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