Abu Dhabi investment lawyers
Abu Dhabi investment lawyers


Our Abu Dhabi investment lawyers Advise investors and funders in the UAE, Egypt and internationally.

We operate across Abu Dhabi & Cairo, advising institutional investors, corporate entities, funds and private equity companies, pension providers, private individuals and international clients on investment activities.

Our legal maestros harmonize the intricate symphony of investment advice for a global clientele, from the bustling markets of the UAE and Egypt to the farthest corners of the world.


Navigating the Investment Landscape of Abu Dhabi and Cairo


Our team is the compass guiding institutional investors, corporate juggernauts, financial titans, and private visionaries. We chart courses through Abu Dhabi and Cairo’s dynamic investment terrain, ensuring every venture aligns with the stars of success.


Diverse Asset Classes, Diverse Investors


The investment universe is expanding, and so is our clientele. We mirror the diversity of investable asset classes and investors, reflecting a cosmos of possibilities. Our clients are as varied as the stars in the sky, each with unique aspirations and goals.


Innovative Legal Technology at Your Fingertips


Our investment lawyers wield the power of cutting-edge technology, crafting solutions that transform complex transactions into smooth sailings. We ensure that the treasure trove of information you seek is but a click away, empowering you to make decisions at the speed of light.


Focal Points of Our Legal Odyssey


Institutional Investors & Funders: We are the astrolabe to your investments, guiding you from the genesis of funds to the zenith of acquisitions. Our support extends beyond the horizon, encompassing asset management, lettings, and the resolution of any celestial disputes.

Insider Insights: With lawyers who have voyaged within investment houses, we bring back insider knowledge, illuminating the path for funders and management teams.

Whether establishing new ventures or steering existing ones, our legal counsel is the beacon that leads to prosperous shores. Reach out to us, and let’s set sail on your investment journey.

Investable asset classes and the categories of investors are becoming more diverse, reflecting our client base.


Our Abu Dhabi investment lawyers provide innovative technology-based solutions to help clients manage transactions and portfolios, ensuring they can access the information they need quickly and efficiently.


Our key areas of focus are:


Institutional investors & funders

We help clients with every aspect of their investment activity – from advising on establishing funds or other investment vehicles, including offshore, to acquisitions and disposals, including related funding requirements. We also support clients with asset management, including lettings and dispute resolution. Some of our lawyers have been seconded to investment houses, giving us valuable insight into the key issues affecting funders and management teams.

Our Abu Dhabi investment lawyers at our Law firm specializing in investment law provide the legal framework and advice necessary for establishing these funds, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and alignment with investment objectives. If you’re interested in setting up a fund or need legal advice on investment matters, contacting a specialized investment law firm would be the next step.

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