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Construction Lawyers

With Abu Dhabi construction lawyers you are a winner

Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers
Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers


Abu Dhabi construction lawyers with a track record of success in national & international disputes. We can help you with any construction-related legal needs.

Our Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers have accumulated extensive experience for decades in contentious construction disputes, Drafting and negotiating contracts for the development, design, construction, ownership, operation, maintenance, insurance, assignment, and transfer of construction contracts.

Our Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers Will help if you are engaging in a construction deal,

Hence, our legal construction team will significantly help with property & construction concerns like legal contracts.

Our Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers are The winners of the international dispute 120 Million;

In a dispute with a foreign company outside the UAE, we won a construction dispute over unpaid AED 120000000 Million, and the Supreme Court upheld the ruling.  

Al Saaedi -Abu Dhabi construction lawyers deal with all legal issues regarding the construction process, and if necessary, we escalate them to arbitration or litigation.

In brief, we deal in all aspects, from acquiring land and financing a project to post-construction dispute resolution.

Therefore, our construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, deal with a broad scope of matters, such as building contracts, construction and builders’ liens,

Moreover, tendering, construction claims, bonds, and sureties pertain to all parties in the construction industry;

including architects, subcontractors, general contractors, material suppliers, builders, designers, developers,

furthermore, planners, engineers, and financial institutions.

For example, our construction lawyers deal with infrastructure, housing, planning permissions, and construction and engineering.

Our Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers can do a lot for clients:-

Our lawyer’s work involves negotiating contracts and general procurement before construction begins.

As a result, our Construction lawyers work with the people who are initiating the project,

And the people financing it, the architects, and the construction companies.

On the other hand, Our Construction lawyers deal with contentiousness when something goes wrong.

Because the contracts we draft and negotiate at the procurement stage set out how to deal with disputes.


So, Our Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers minimize costs are usually Resolve disputes through;

Firstly, negotiation and reconciliation.

Secondly, adjudication or arbitration,

Third, if a case goes to court,

hence, our specialist construction lawyers practice in all courts and arbitration panels,





Trust our award-winning Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers to handle your construction legal matters. Our team specializes in dispute resolution and minimizing costs for clients.

The world of professional construction and building lawyers in Abu Dhabi. At Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm, our legal experts specialize in construction law, providing comprehensive services to clients in the UAE. Here’s what sets us apart:

Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm: Your Trusted Construction Law Advisors

1. Expertise in Construction Law

    • Construction Contracts: Our lawyers meticulously review and draft construction contracts, ensuring clarity, compliance, and risk mitigation. Whether it’s FIDIC contracts, design-build agreements, or subcontractor arrangements, we’ve got you covered.

    • Project Disputes Resolution: Construction projects often encounter disputes. Our team excels in mediationarbitration, and litigation related to delays, defects, payment issues, and scope variations.

    • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating local regulations is crucial. We guide clients through Abu Dhabi’s construction laws, zoning regulations, permits, and environmental compliance.

2. Building Law and Real Estate

    • Real Estate Transactions: Our lawyers handle property transactions, including acquisitions, sales, leases, and development agreements. We safeguard clients’ interests in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

    • Land Use and Development: Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm advises on land use rights, zoning changes, and development approvals. We assist clients in maximizing property potential while adhering to legal requirements.

    • Construction Liens and Claims: When contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers face payment issues, we assert their rights through construction liens and claims. Our goal is to secure rightful compensation.

3. Construction Litigation and Advocacy

    • Contractual Disputes: Our courtroom experience shines in handling disputes arising from breach of construction contracts, defective work, and project delays. We advocate vigorously for our clients.

    • Defective Construction Claims: If a building suffers defects, our lawyers pursue claims against architects, contractors, and engineers. We seek remedies for clients affected by subpar workmanship.

4. Why Choose Ezz and Al Menhali?

    • Industry Insights: Our lawyers stay abreast of industry trends, construction technologies, and legal developments. We understand the nuances of the construction sector.

    • Client-Centric Approach: Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm prioritizes client communication, transparency, and personalized solutions. We build lasting relationships based on trust.

5. Contact Us

For legal guidance in construction matters, reach out to Ezz and Al Menhali Law Firm. Our legacy of excellence since 1981 continues to serve Abu Dhabi’s construction and real estate community.





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