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Our Abu Dhabi labour lawyers
Our Abu Dhabi labour lawyers

Trustworthy Abu Dhabi labour lawyers provide reliable legal services. Contact us for professional assistance And guidance.

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi labour lawyers offer valuable, decisive advice in all labour matters, including end-of-service benefits, redundancy, sexual harassment, discrimination, and arbitrary termination. 

Our Abu Dhabi labour law firm is a resort for executives, senior employees, employers, and employment agencies by rendering exceptional assistance to high-value, high-stakes, or complex employment law claims and Human resources -H.R.- legal advice,

Moreover, Abu Dhabi Labor, our top-ranked labour law firm, represents employees and employers in various employment law issues and is the go-to counsel for employers on employee competition and contractual disputes.

Furthermore, our Abu Dhabi labour law firm retains a team of the best employment lawyers and legal consultants, which makes us one of the most reputable employment law firms in the U.A.E. in labour cases of wrongful termination and compensation claims.

Above all, Our labour law firm is At the front of the most reputed & experienced law firms, lawyers, and legal consultants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, U.A.E., that provide legal advice on myriad issues of labour law and regulations.

In Short, I am a Trustworthy Labor Lawyer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, at Al-Saaedi law firm.

We have a strong presence in Abu Dhabi and throughout the U.A.E. in labour and employment disputes.


In conclusion, Our Abu Dhabi labour lawyer is a trustworthy

Since Labour law conciliates the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions, and the government.

Generally, the basis of labour Law is legislation, administrative rules, federal and state constitutions, and court opinions. 

However, the labour contract governs the relationship between employee and employer.


Our Abu Dhabi labour lawyer is a golden bridge:


Therefore, Our Abu Dhabi labour or Our legal consultant acts as a bridge between both parties, enabling them to enforce their claims such as:

Arbitrary dismissal

Right of serving a notice before termination

How to calculate wages

End of service gratuity – severance pay.

Working hours

All types of Leaves

Calculate Employment benefits such as a pension, gratuity, etc.

Early termination of the contract by an employee or employer

All Labor disputes

Our Abu Dhabi labour lawyer provides professional legal counsel;

Furthermore, we offer extensive experience in many aspects of work and employment law.

Moreover, Our labour lawyers and Abu Dhabi Dubai employment lawyers fully embrace each case and commit;

We are committed to representing our clients’ best interests.

The firm’s Al Menhali, labour and employment attorneys, are professionals who can determine the most effective course of action for each case.


If you have any inquiries concerning labour and employment law, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., by email or phone.



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That’s an overview of Ezz & Al Menhali, the distinguished labour law firm in Abu Dhabi, and highlights the significance of our Abu Dhabi labour lawyers.

Ezz & Al Menhali: Your Labour Law Advocates

Navigating the Complexities of Labour Law

Labour matters are intricate, touching the lives of workers, employers, and employment agencies. At Ezz & Al Menhali, we understand the nuances of employment law, and our seasoned labour lawyers stand ready to provide valuable advice and decisive solutions.

Why Choose Ezz & Al Menhali?

    1. Depth of Knowledge: Our expert labour lawyers in Abu Dhabi possess a wealth of experience. From end-of-service benefits to redundancy, sexual harassment, discrimination, and arbitrary termination, we cover it all.

    2. Executive Support: Our firm is a haven for executives and senior employees. We offer exceptional assistance in high-value, high-stakes, or complex employment law claims. When the stakes are high, we rise to the challenge.

    3. Employer Guidance: Employers rely on us for sound legal advice. Whether it’s navigating employee competition or contractual disputes, our top-ranked labour law firm, Abu Dhabi Labor, is their trusted counsel.

Success Record

Our track record speaks volumes:

    • Family Law: A remarkable 93% success rate in family law cases.

    • Intellectual Property: An 89% success rate in handling IP

    • Business Law: A solid 93% success rate in business-related legal issues.

    • Dispute Resolution: An 84% success rate in resolving conflicts.

Human Resources (H.R.) H.Ral Advice

We recognize that Human Resources (H.R.) H.R.s a pivotal role in any organization. Our labour lawyers provide strategic guidance to H.R. pH.R.ssionals, ensuring compliance, fairness, and efficiency.


At Ezz & Al Menhali, we don’t just interpret the law; we shape it. Whether you’re an employee seeking justice or an employer navigating complexities, our labour lawyers are your unwavering advocates.

Ezz & Al Menhali: Where Employment Law Meets Excellence

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