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Our expert Abu Dhabi custom duty lawyers, and excise attorneys ,
Our expert Abu Dhabi custom duty lawyers, and excise attorneys,


Our expert Abu Dhabi custom duty lawyers and excise attorneys have an excellent reputation and track record of success in helping businesses and individuals facing customs disputes, investigations, fraud allegations and prosecutions.

Contact us immediately to resolve your dispute early. Our renowned tax advisors will help you quickly achieve a favourable outcome and realise your commercial goals.

How our Customs Tax Lawyers Can Help

We provide robust advice and representation on the following customs issues:


UAE market protections – such as anti-dumping duty, anti-subsidy and safeguards

Tariff preferences

Tariff Classification disputes & valuations

Rules of origin

Import and export procedures

Onward supply relief

Customs declarations

UAE customs counterfeit goods

Customs declarations

Customs seizures

Customs prosecutions

Customs investigations

Customs fraud allegations

Calculation of value for duty

Customs duty remission and drawback

Irregularities with documents and duty

Customs repayment claims based on wrong codes

How to classify goods for customs

Customs procedures

Customs Regulations

Unpaid or under-declared customs duty

Customs Fraud Investigations

Customs fraud is a complex law area covering tax fraud and tax evasion. A regulated lawyer must be instructed to advise and represent you in such specialist tax investigations, as anything you tell them is legally privileged.  However, anything you tell your accountant does not attract the same legal professional privilege, and authorities can quickly obtain that information.


Monarch has attorneys or legal consultants with a wealth of knowledge in customs and excise disputes and can offer expert legal representation to mitigate the damage to your business.


Customs Civil Evasion Penalty

The penalties for customs fraud can be significant financial penalties or even criminal convictions.


If you do not appeal a customs decision, it is very difficult to challenge the underlying basis of a customs civil evasion penalty later. Therefore, it is imperative to challenge administrative decisions regarding customs duties to avoid any penalties presented at a later date.


Usually, directors and officers of limited companies are not personally liable for company debts.  However, where there is evidence that the conduct giving rise to the penalty is attributable to dishonesty or fraudulent evasion, a director or company officer can be held personally liable for a custom’s civil penalty.


Our expert tax prosecution lawyers in Abu Dhabi have extensive experience advising on and negotiating fines and penalties and presenting mitigating circumstances to UAE Revenue & Customs.


Customs Prosecutions and Criminal Offences

Our customs defence lawyers have an enviable success record in defending customs and other tax prosecutions and limiting the liability for you and your business.


To have the best chance of succeeding, contact our expert tax defence lawyers as soon as possible.


Our Abu Dhabi custom duty lawyers and excise attorneys at AlSaaedi Advocates and Legal Consultants have built an impressive reputation for their expertise in handling customs-related matters. With a combined experience of over 40 years, our team is well-versed in assisting businesses and individuals who find themselves entangled in customs disputes, investigations, fraud allegations, and prosecutions.

Here’s how our customs tax lawyers can be of assistance:

    1. Customs Disputes and Investigations:

          We provide practical and straightforward advice to clients facing serious tax law issues related to customs. Whether it’s a dispute with customs authorities or an investigation, our team is adept at handling these complex situations.

Our lawyers professionally advise and represent clients in disputes against tax or customs duty authorities. We understand the intricacies of customs regulations and work diligently to protect our client’s interests.

    1. Tax Debt Relief and Mitigation:

        If you’re burdened by tax debt, our attorneys can help you seek relief. We explore options such as repayment or remission of duties, waiver of penalties, and mitigation strategies.

    We aim to help you achieve a favourable outcome while ensuring compliance with tax laws.

    1. Duty Suspension and Reduction Initiatives:

       We assist businesses in implementing innovative customs management and duty reduction initiatives. Our expertise allows us to identify opportunities for duty suspension and cost-effective solutions.

         Whether you’re importing or exporting goods, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of customs valuation, classification, and quotas.

    1. Expertise in Customs Law and International Conventions:

    Our team has comprehensive knowledge of UAE customs law and international double taxation conventions. We stay updated on legal developments to provide our clients with the highest quality advice.

We cover various areas, including Corporate Income Taxes, Value-Added Tax (VAT), Salaries, customs duty law, Income Taxes, Real Estate Taxes, and Stamp duties.

    1. Effective Representation in Court Proceedings:

     We represent clients in court proceedings, appeals, and dispute resolution committees when disputes escalate. Our focus is on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Attorney Ezz Eldin Othman, a tax and customs professional duty expert, brings a unique perspective to our team. In addition to his law degree, he holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. His experience includes representing a bank in numerous disputes against tax authorities, demonstrating his prowess in this field.

For prompt assistance, contact us immediately. Our renowned Customs advisors will work with you to resolve your dispute efficiently and help you achieve your commercial goals. Trust in our expertise to navigate the intricate world of customs and taxation in Abu Dhabi and beyond.



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