Accidents and injury lawyers

Abu Dhabi accident lawyers
Abu Dhabi accident lawyers

Our Abu Dhabi accident lawyers are seasoned, honest, and tenacious litigation attorneys based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s network of best attorneys, with a reputation for aggressively representing the best interests of their clients in and out of the courtroom.


We understand how difficult it is when you or your family has injuries in an accident. The complexities of the system seem to add insult to injury. That is why we do everything we can to set your mind at ease and help you through the recovery process.

Experience that Counts.

The decision to retain an attorney is an important one. The U.A.E. personal injury system depends on harmed individuals filing lawsuits or insurance claims against wrongdoers to hold them accountable.

In this system, attorneys are pivotal in guiding clients through the maze of insurance claims, court filings, discovery and evidence building, pre-trial motions, courtroom advocacy, and judgment collection.

Hiring an experienced attorney with expertise in Abu Dhabi personal injury law is essential.

Our team has been practising law for over 30 years. Their experience and expertise set him apart in his field. Schedule a free consultation with Mr. Ezz to learn more about why our law office is suitable to handle your personal injury claim.


Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi accident and injury lawyers and personal injury attorneys at Ezz & AL-Menhali, the accident specialist law firm, have more than four decades of experience in all kinds of accidents across the U.A.E.
Ezz Law Firm in Abu Dhabi and Dubai has the best accident lawyers who deal carefully with injury and accident claims.
Furthermore, Our team consists of the best legal consultants and elite attorneys & lawyers;
; They professionally handle cases related to all personal injuries and accident forms and could help clients proceed with their accidents and injury claims. In some claims, we could get over 2 million as compensation by a ruling from the Supreme Court. Because Our attorneys are experts and have in-depth knowledge of handling this type of case. 
Our Abu Dhabi, Dubai, skilled accident and personal injury lawyers and attorneys help businesses and individuals get the compensation they deserve.

Our Abu Dhabi accident and injury lawyers & compensation claims in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a unique team of the best lawyers in the U.A.E.
Our firm is a Personal Injury accident compensation claims law firm.
As a result, the firm represents any car, motor vehicle accidents, boats, and other accidents, such as slips etc.

Both Ezz and Al Menhali in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices have no win, no fee policy in accidents & personal injury court cases,

In truth, our advocates are proud of their reputation for being caring and considerate in dealings with personal injury clients;

Furthermore, our specialist accident and injury lawyers are trained to go the extra mile to ensure all decisions in the claims process are in the client’s best interests.

Al Ezz, Abu Dhabi accident and injury lawyers, ensures that the Personal Injury Services Department’s services reflect a professional attitude.

You can rest assured of high-quality representation in your personal injury claim at all levels.

Starting from our administration staff to our highly experienced personal injury lawyers.

Our lawyers are accepting all accidents in all areas, but that’s an example of accident claims we handle: –

Is it reasonable to consult with Our expert accident attorney when property damage, injury, and wrongful death occur? 
Indeed, our accidents and injury Law Offices in Abu Dhabi or Dubai will help.

Of course, We handle cases of victims residing outside the U.A.E. regularly.

To illustrate more,

best practice law firm


best law firm in Abu Dhabi

Our clients worldwide, whether from Europe or beyond (U.K., United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and all Arab countries rely on our expertise.

Generally speaking, we will have the victim come to the U.A.E. to be medically assessed at some stage and up to U.A.E. courts. 

We do our best to do all our legal frameworks seamlessly with less stress.
For instance, we cover the following accident areas: Road Traffic Accidents.

If you suffered from the following accidents, call to arrange a visit.

Employees Injured at Work.

Industrial Disease Claim.s

Faulty Product Claims.

Factory Workers Injured at Work

Criminal Injury.

Compensation Claims.
Construction Industry.

Accident Claims.

Accidents at Work.

Brain and Spinal Injury Claims.

Back Injury

Compensation Claims

Sexual and Physical Abuse Claims

Serious Injury
Rehabilitation Professional Drivers Injured at Work

Accidents Involving Children

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Road accidents, car accidents.

Our expert personal injury solicitors have decades of experience advising people and families on compensation claims for accidental injuries and illness.

Our expert personal injury lawyers in Abu Dhabi have decades of experience advising people and families on compensation claims for accidental injuries and illness.

Abu Dhabi Accident Lawyers is the best personal injury law firm not only because of its professional expertise and proven performance but also because of its understanding and sympathy for clients.


Why Choose Our Accident Lawyers?

    1. Experience That Counts:

      • Our team has over 30 years of legal practice, making us well-versed in Abu Dhabi’s personal injury system.

      • We understand the challenges accident victims and their families face, and we strive to ease their burden during recovery.

    1. Guiding You Through the Legal Maze:

      • In the U.A.E., harmed individuals rely on attorneys to hold wrongdoers accountable through lawsuits or insurance claims.

      • Our lawyers are pivotal in guiding clients through insurance processes, court filings, evidence building, pre-trial motions, and courtroom advocacy.

    1. Expertise in Personal Injury Law:

      • Hiring an experienced attorney is essential. Our team’s expertise sets us apart, ensuring adequate representation.

      • Schedule a free consultation with Mr Stone to discuss your personal injury claim.

Our Accomplishments:

    • Decades of Experience:

      • Our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices have over 40 years of combined experience handling various accident cases across the U.A.E.

      • We specialize in all accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, slips, etc.

    • No Win, No Fee Policy:

      • Ezz Law Firm operates on a no-win, no-fee basis for accident and personal injury cases.

      • Our reputation lies in our compassionate approach to personal injury clients.

    • Going the Extra Mile:

      • Our specialist accident and injury lawyers ensure that every decision in the claims process serves the client’s best interests.

      • From administration staff to highly experienced attorneys, quality representation is our priority.

Global Reach, Local Insight:

    • Clients Worldwide:

      • Our expertise extends globally, with clients from Europe, the U.K., the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and all Arab countries relying on our services.

    • Victims Residing Outside the U.A.E.:

      • We regularly handle cases of victims beyond the U.A.E., providing expert legal assistance.




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