S.S.Al-Menhali Advocates And Ezz Legal Consultants are among Abu Dhabi’s top law firms and offer expert legal services for criminal cases1. Additionally, Attorney. Ezz the best Egyptian lawyers, Advocates and Legal Consultants provide broad representation for defendants facing criminal charges, ,including drug offenses.


If you’re facing drug charges in Abu Dhabi and need legal representation, here are some steps you can take:


Research: Look for law firms that specialize in criminal law, particularly those with experience in drug-related cases.

Consultation: Contact the firms and arrange for a consultation to discuss your case. Many firms offer a free initial consultation.

Credentials: Check the credentials and track record of the lawyers. It’s important to have a lawyer who is well-versed in UAE drug laws.

Representation: Choose a lawyer who you feel comfortable with and who has a clear strategy for your defense.


Remember, it’s crucial to act quickly to ensure your rights are protected and to have the best possible defense prepared for your case


 Al-Menhali & Ezz is indeed recognized for their expertise in handling drug offenses in Abu Dhabi. They are known for providing high-quality criminal defense in such cases, with a team that has decades of experience and a successful track record1. The firm is well-versed in the UAE’s legal reforms, particularly the Federal Decree-Law No. 30 of 2021 on combating narcotics and psychotropic substances, which includes provisions for the rehabilitation of first-time drug offenders and the possibility of deportation for expatriates convicted in drug-related cases1.


If you’re looking for legal assistance or more information about their services, you can contact them directly at their office in Abu Dhabi.

The penalties for drug offenses in Abu Dhabi are quite severe, reflecting the United Arab Emirates’ zero-tolerance policy towards drug-related offenses. Here’s a summary of the penalties:


Personal Use: Possession of even small quantities of narcotics for personal use is illegal. Offenders can face random drug tests, searches, and raids. The law mandates imprisonment and possibly fines1.

Drug Promotion: Activities that encourage drug abuse, including selling, distributing, transporting, shipping, or storing narcotics, carry harsh punishments. This applies even if there’s no intent to profit or traffic1.

Drug Trafficking: This is the most serious violation, involving smuggling large quantities of illegal drugs into the UAE. It carries the strictest penalties, including a minimum of four years in jail1.

In addition to imprisonment, penalties can include deportation for expatriates and hefty fines. The exact punishment depends on the type and quantity of drugs involved and can vary from case to case23. It’s important to note that these laws apply to both residents and visitors alike.


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