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Trusted & Reliable Business Attorneys  in Abu Dhabi

Trusted Business Attorneys in Abu Dhabi
Trusted Business Attorneys in Abu Dhabi.

 Your Trusted Business Attorneys in Abu Dhabi: At Al-Menhali with Ezz Law Firm, we take pride in our unrivalled position as one of the longest-standing legal consultancies in the Middle East.

Moreover, with over 40 years of dedicated legal practice, our seasoned team of lawyers and legal consultants has successfully navigated complex business matters for clients across international, national, and Free Zone Boundaries.

Why Choose Ezz Law Firm?

    • Expertise in Business & Corporate Law: Our attorneys specialize in business and corporate law, providing comprehensive legal support to entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies.

    • Navigating International Waters: Whether you’re expanding globally or dealing with cross-border transactions, our team has the experience to guide you through the complexities of international business law.

    • Free Zone Expertise: We understand the unique legal landscape of Free Zones and offer tailored advice and solutions to businesses operating within them.

    • Seasoned Professionals: Our team comprises seasoned lawyers who bring knowledge and practical insights to every case.

    • Your Hand to Success: Regarding legal matters, Ezz Law Firm is more than just a service provider; we’re your trusted partner on the path to success.

    • Your Trusted Business Attorneys in Abu Dhabi are your lighthouse. For the best legal help in all business matters, turn to Ezz Law Firm. Contact us today to discuss your needs and benefit from our decades of legal excellence.

The team


Let me provide you with additional details about our experienced legal team at Ezz Law Firm:


Ezz Eldin Othman (Founder and Managing Partner): With a career spanning over four decades, Ezz Eldin Othman is a seasoned attorney known for his expertise in various areas of law. As the founder and managing partner of Ezz Law Firm, he has successfully represented clients in complex legal matters, including corporate law, intellectual property, and real estate. He worked as the legal manager at one of the biggest banks in Cairo, Egypt.

Ezz Eldin Othman has a law degree, and he also has another degree in trade and commerce.

Moreover, Our Legal Consultants and Arbitrators:

Our team includes skilled legal consultants and arbitrators with diverse backgrounds and specialized knowledge. They have extensive experience handling disputes, negotiations, and legal advisory services across different industries.

There is only one law firm dedicated to Business Attorneys. Our business attorneys are well-versed in corporate law, commercial transactions, and regulatory compliance. They assist clients with company formations, contract drafting, mergers and acquisitions, and other business-related legal matters.

Industry-Specific Experts: Ezz Law Firm has experts in various sectors, including construction, insurance, banking, and tax law. These professionals understand the nuances of industry-specific regulations and provide tailored legal solutions to our clients.

International Practice: Our team has successfully navigated international legal landscapes, representing clients with cross-border interests. Whether establishing a presence in foreign markets or resolving international disputes, we have the knowledge and experience to guide our clients.

Commitment to Excellence: At Ezz Law Firm, we prioritize professionalism, integrity, and client satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence drives us to stay updated with legal developments, ensuring our clients receive the best legal advice.

Above all;

Remember, our team is not just about legal expertise; we’re dedicated to being your trusted partners on your journey toward success. If you have specific legal needs or questions, please get in touch with us.


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Trusted Business Attorneys in Abu Dhabi in law Practice areas:

Ezz Law Firm specializes in various legal areas, catering to diverse clients. Let me provide you with an overview of their key specializations:


Business and Corporate Law: Ezz Law Firm has expertise in business and corporate law. Whether it’s company formation, contract drafting, mergers and acquisitions, or regulatory compliance, their seasoned attorneys guide clients through the complexities of the corporate world.

Banking and Investment Law: Ezz lawyers have earned national reputations in influential banking and investment cases since 19821. They assist financial institutions, manufacturers, and other businesses navigate legal matters related to banking, investments, and tax law.

Construction Law: For real estate developers, construction companies, and contractors, Ezz Law Firm provides legal support in construction law matters. This includes contract negotiations, dispute resolution, and compliance with construction regulations.

Intellectual Property (IP) Law: Protecting intellectual property rights is crucial for businesses. Ezz Law Firm handles IP matters, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Environmental Law: Focusing on environmental regulations and sustainability, Ezz Law Firm assists clients in navigating environmental compliance, permits, and related legal issues.

Family Law: Ezz Law Firm provides legal guidance in family matters such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and marital disputes.

Health Law: Health law encompasses the legal aspects of healthcare providers, medical facilities, and patient rights. Ezz Law Firm advises clients on compliance with health regulations.

International Law: Given their presence in Abu Dhabi and Cairo, Ezz Law Firm has experience in international legal matters, including cross-border transactions, trade, and international dispute resolution.

Litigation and Trials: When disputes arise, Ezz Law Firm represents clients in litigation and trials, advocating for their rights and interests.

Labour and Employment Law: Ezz Law Firm assists employers and employees with labour law matters, including employment contracts, workplace disputes, and our rights.

Remember that this is just an overview, and Ezz Law Firm’s expertise extends beyond these areas. If you have specific legal needs, contact them for personalized assistance.

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How do we handle our business plan in legal work

Handling complex negotiations in business law requires a strategic approach, effective communication, and a deep understanding of legal principles. Here are five key steps that Ezz Law Firm follows when navigating intricate negotiations:


Preparation and Research:

Thorough Understanding: Our attorneys meticulously study the case, legal context, and the parties involved. We identify potential points of contention, legal risks, and desired outcomes.

Research and Analysis: We investigate relevant laws, precedents, and industry standards. This knowledge informs our negotiation strategy.

Setting Clear Objectives:

Defining Goals: We work closely with our clients to establish clear objectives. Whether it’s a merger, contract dispute, or partnership agreement, we align our negotiation strategy with these goals.

Prioritization: We prioritize objectives based on their importance and feasibility.

Effective Communication:

Active Listening: Our attorneys actively listen to all parties involved. Understanding their interests, concerns, and motivations helps us tailor our approach.

Articulate Position: We present our client’s position persuasively, emphasizing benefits and addressing potential objections.

Creative Problem-Solving:

Win-Win Solutions: Rather than adversarial tactics, we seek mutually beneficial solutions. Creative problem-solving allows us to find common ground and bridge gaps.

Trade-offs: We explore trade-offs and concessions, ensuring that both parties gain value from the negotiation.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Dynamic Approach: Negotiations evolve, and unexpected challenges arise. Ezz Law Firm remains flexible, adapting our strategy as needed.

Anticipating Counterarguments: We anticipate counterarguments and prepare responses in advance.

Remember that each negotiation is unique, and our approach varies based on the specific context and client’s needs. If you have a particular negotiation in mind, feel free to share more details, and we’ll tailor our advice accordingly.



Handling disputes during negotiations is a critical aspect of effective legal representation. At Ezz Law Firm, we employ several strategies to address conflicts and maintain productive negotiations:

Active Listening and Empathy:

We listen carefully to all parties involved, understanding their perspectives and concerns.

Demonstrating empathy helps build rapport and encourages open communication.

Focusing on Interests, Not Positions:

Rather than fixating on rigid positions, we explore underlying interests. What are the parties genuinely seeking to achieve?

By identifying common interests, we can find mutually beneficial solutions.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

Mediation involves a neutral third party facilitating discussions between disputing parties. It encourages compromise and resolution.

ADR methods like arbitration or collaborative negotiation provide efficient alternatives to lengthy court battles.

Clear Communication:

We maintain transparent communication, ensuring that all relevant information is shared.

Misunderstandings can escalate disputes, so clarity is essential.

Objective Evaluation of Legal Risks:

Our attorneys assess the legal risks associated with each dispute. What are the potential consequences of not reaching an agreement?

This evaluation guides our negotiation strategy.

Creative Problem-Solving:

We explore creative solutions beyond traditional win-lose scenarios.

Sometimes, concessions in one area can lead to gains in another.

Remaining Professional and Respectful:

Even in heated negotiations, maintaining professionalism is crucial.

Respectful communication fosters a more cooperative atmosphere.

Remember that each negotiation is unique, and our approach adapts to the specific context. If you have a particular dispute or negotiation, feel free to share more details, and we’ll tailor our advice accordingly!


Above all;

Remember, our team is not just about legal expertise; we’re dedicated to being your trusted partners on your journey toward success. If you have specific legal needs or questions, please get in touch with us.


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