Al-Menhali & Ezz, the UAE’s Premier Motoring Law Firm, specialize in handling drunk driving offences in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE. Dial 00971503159583 to avail a free consultation with one of our expert drink driving lawyers. Our team, based in offices in UAE and Egypt, is well-equipped to guide you through your legal options.

Are you accused of drunk driving or facing a court hearing? We can help you, just as we’ve helped thousands of other motorists in your situation.


Every case we work on—and we mean every case—is conducted with the same belief that you are truthful, that you deserve a thorough, forceful defense, and that, above all, it is our responsibility to help you and protect you.


Whether you are worried about being sent to prison, losing your driving license and the problems of keeping your home and job that come with not being able to drive – potentially for years – or if you’re worried that you’ll be convicted and labelled a criminal; we can help you! That’s our job, our only job.


How will we help you? Call us now, and we will be by your side, guiding you through the court process from the earliest stage right through to the end of the trial. We will use our extensive knowledge of drink-driving law and our experience appearing in the courts to defend you all the way.


Our panel of in-house and independent Abu Dhabi -based advocates are all Masters of Advocacy who appear every day before the courts in and around Abu Dhabi. They know the judges and magistrates who sit in different areas and, importantly, what arguments will work to achieve the outcome you want.


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